Tackling the ‘digital divide’

Co-creation of sustainable and inclusive social infrastructure in regions beyond metropoles

Eureco 2021 Conference

Thursday, 2nd December 2021 and Friday, 03rd December 2021

Campus Unteres Schloss - Obergraben 25 - 57072 Siegen

This European conference will explore a variety of approaches on how to tackle the ‘digital divide’ in society between those being day-to-day users of ICT-technologies and those that for reasons of functional impairments and social dependencies are being left behind and excluded from equal participation in mainstream social life.

The conference will...

focus on digital participation of persons with disabilities, with mental health problems or with long-term care needs.

take a comparative look on digital developments in social services in European ‘regions beyond metropoles’.

include region-centred presentations from academic researchers, service providers, government representatives and self-help organizations.

bring together academic and practical expertise from socio-informatics, social services and regional development.

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